Today’s Gem of Gratitude #243


Today I am thankful for nuts. Nuts are a quick, easy, and portable snack. Now that I think about it, those are probably the most appealing factors about them to me, especially considering the fact that I oftentimes need to carry little snacks in my purse or briefcase. As a person who has a fairly busy schedule I have found that when I make it a point to carry my own snacks with me there is less of a chance that I will buy food items that are not good for me while I am out and about, which can certainly be a huge temptation for a carb-lover who is on the go. And for the most part, when I stick to this practice I end up saving myself from ingesting unnecessary calories and spending unnecessary money, which is always a win-win.

I can say that, generally, when I go to the grocery store I do make it a point to avoid the chip and soda isle as though it were the plague, though on occasion I do give in to my urge to satisfy my craving for carbs by grabbing a bag of potato chips. More often than not, though, I find my way over to the nuts isle, grab a container of cashews, almonds, or on occasion, honey roasted peanuts, and go about the rest of my day.

All in all, a handful of nuts can evict the hunger monster while fitting nicely into just about any budget, while also providing the body with a nice shot of protein in a way that, when done in moderation, can even be figure-friendly. #lovebythedrop

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