Today’s Gem of Gratitude #272


Today I am thankful for apple cider. Apple cider is not something that I usually drink that often. In fact, I generally only drink apple cider a couple of times a year, around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Though apple cider is very much akin to hot tea in the sense that it is also a beverage that is typically served hot, there is something rather festive about apple cider that really makes it the perfect drink for the holiday season. A nice cup of hot apple cider, maybe even with a stick of cinnamon in it, in hand on a crisp, cold evening while curled up on the sofa watching fun holiday movies sounds like a great way to enjoy some festive holiday cheer.

Now, I know that Thanksgiving and Christmas are quite a ways off, but the good thing about apple cider is that you really do not have to wait until the holidays get here in order to enjoy your own toasty cup; you can drink apple cider anytime you want to. And who knows, you just might turn an ordinary day into your own special holiday. Happy drinking! #lovebythedrop

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