Today’s Gem of Gratitude #284


Today I am thankful for stylish variations in architectural design. There is certainly something to be said for the use of numerous cookie cutter molds by architects of various projects, from subdivisions of neighborhoods to high-rise office buildings and the like. The continuous use of the same designs leads to efficiency and continuity, at least that is what the designers seem to want us to think. And living out here in the desert is no exception. It seems as though just about everywhere you look all that you see are tan, brown, and beige houses, office buildings, and housing complexes of the same exact style and proportion. However, on rare occasions it is possible to stumble upon an unexpected gem that asserts is individuality in a sea of commonplace clones, and that individuality is not lost on me. Now, I may not always be a fan of the exact style of some of the “special” buildings that I encounter, but whether they appeal to my taste or not I still appreciate the fact that they are representative of someone’s desire to forego the temptation to blend in. After all, basking in one’s uniqueness and individuality is essential, to some extent, for us human beings, and I do not see why buildings should not have the option of benefiting from a little self-expression as well. #lovebythedrop

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