Today’s Gem of Gratitude #285


Today I am thankful for my shower. The shower is one of the places where I find myself being the most honest with myself. In actuality, it is probably the single place where I am the most honest with myself. When I am in the shower I tend to refrain from censoring my feelings and thoughts – if I need to cry, I cry; if I need to pray, I pray; if I need to sing at the top of my lungs while choreographing my own routine to my personalized soundtrack, then that’s what I do. The shower is reserved for God and me, and as the water comes down in sheets so do the walls that I have built around my heart, my dreams, my hopes, and my fears. In the shower I am the “me” whom I am learning to be outside of the shower; but as is the case with most things, I am a work in progress.

In the shower I am reminded of the beautiful qualities that comprise the people whom I love and care for – I am reminded of their humanness, their vulnerabilities, our differences and our similarities. It is there that I remember that they, too, need, want, desire, hope, dream, expect, long for, and seek while navigating their own paths of change. And it is in that place, in those solitary moments, that I draw closer to my understanding, compassion, consideration, and forgiveness. I see them for who they are, see myself for who I am, and I am renewed.

Now, I would be skirting the truth if I said that I experience this every single time that I shower. But, it certainly does happen more often than not. And one of the great aspects associated with “encountering” your true self while in the shower is that any attempt to run away is futile – figuratively, there is no way that you can get away from yourself, and literally, well, that would likely involve some major slippage, and who wants that? So, I have found that it is better to just linger in my own presence so that I can learn what I have yet to learn and see what I have yet to see. #lovebythedrop

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