Today’s Gem of Gratitude #297


Today I am thankful for the statement “let me think about it.” I venture to think that most of us would appreciate a “yes” answer when we pose a question to someone or proposition someone with something in the hopes that he or she will respond with a favorable result. After all, who would not want to receive a “yes” answer under those circumstances? That’s probably a given, right? And, under those same circumstances, I venture to think that most of us are aware that there is a possibility that the person with whom we are communicating might yield a “no” answer when we pose our question or extend our proposition. And more than likely because we know that receiving a “no” answer is possible, we more or less make some sort of an attempt to prepare ourselves for that result so that it is not as much of a shock as it would be otherwise.

But what happens when instead of receiving either “yes” or “no” as the answer we receive a seemingly-smack-dab-in-the-middle-and-neither-committed-nor-uncommitted “let me think about it” response? Upon first receipt we might find ourselves inclined to become a little frustrated, thinking to ourselves “man, why did this person not just give me a simple “yes” or “no”?” And for some of us we will consider the “let me think about it” response as a polite or indifferent way of saying “no” without actually saying “no.” But in all actually that is not necessarily what that statement means or represents. Sure, sometimes the person extending that statement to you may follow it up later with a solid “no,” or because of a previously existing relationship that you have with that person, one which has provided you with a substantial amount of insight into that person, their behaviors, their character traits, etc., you know that they use that specific response as a substitute for “no.”

However, in the other instances that remain, the “let me think about it” answer could very well mean just that. Sometimes people need more time to research aspects associated with the subject matter, the timing just might not be the best for various reasons, or they might really need to take care of some other things in order to be able to afford your question or proposition the attention that it deserves. Personally, I appreciate the “let me think about it” response for that very reason. Like most of us it is rather disappointing to me to receive a “no” answer when I was hoping for a “yes” answer, but even though a “let me think about it” answer is not as assuring as a “yes” it is also not the brick wall that a “no” is. To me, “let me think about it” means that there is still a possibility, and possibilities are always welcome here. #lovebythedrop

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