Today’s Gem of Gratitude #300

dont do it!

Today I am thankful for personal privacy. Some people enjoy living their lives in ways that allow them to seemingly reserve nothing for themselves – everyone knows what they are doing, who they are doing it with, and for how long they are doing it, whatever “it” is. And that may work for them, but it does not work for me. I am a much more private person, and because of that I truly value, appreciate, and strive to protect, at just about all cost, my personal privacy. After all, a person’s personal life is just that, personal; at least that’s my take on it. However, I have come to realize that to some people, the idea of a personal life is interpreted by them as simply meaning that they just need to try a little harder in order to gain access to it. And in my opinion, that is just not cool.

As a person who rests somewhere between being an introvert and an extrovert (probably leaning more so to the introvert side) there are times when I want to share a lot about myself with certain people, and in those moments I freely divulge whatever information that I choose to share. By the same token, there are times when I do not want to share much about myself with people, and that’s just how it is. And because of that, when I detect that someone with whom I am interacting seems to be somewhat guarded about certain things, I choose to respect that.

Thankfully, most people who have interacted with me in some shape or form have respected my desire for and appreciation of personal privacy, understanding that though I will let people into my life more and more as I get to know them and feel comfortable with them, there will still be times when certain areas of my life will not be accessible to them depending on who the person is, which area of my life is in question, and what the state of things is for me personally at that time.

In considering all of this, my hope is that those who encounter individuals who value and protect their privacy will choose to respect that choice rather than to disregard or belittle it. After all, privacy is a personal right, and as an extension of us, as human beings, it should always be respected. #lovebythedrop

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