Today’s Gem of Gratitude #328


Today I am thankful for discounts and other great deals. Sometimes it’s not about finding the right item, but rather finding the right item at the best price or finding the right number of items all conveniently offered together. When you consider how much many of us pay for everyday items like groceries, gasoline for our vehicles, and miscellaneous fees, not to mention the astronomical price tag that accompanies the average college degree, you will realize that a great number of us are truly “paying an arm and a leg,” and more than likely a hip, shoulder, and a kidney too, in order to maintain even the most modest of lifestyles. (I certainly have my opinions about that, but I will save those for another time). The cost of living is steadily rising, but unfortunately the income that the majority of us bring in does not seem to have even remotely received that memo. Of course, this is nothing new to us. After all, that has been the way of the world for ages.

The steadily increasing cost of living coupled with the unfettered challenges faced by the typical income attempting to adequately adjust itself in order to handle those increases is one of the many reasons why I thoroughly appreciate discounts and other great deals. When you think about it, who does not enjoy spending less money to purchase items that they want or locating groups of items that they want offered together in a cost efficient and convenient way? I know I sure enjoy it, and I make it a point to take advantage of those types of opportunities as often as possible. A little bit of tender loving care for my budget goes a long way, and when my budget is happy then so am I. #lovebythedrop

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