There is Always a Way


Sometimes life charges at us with full force, whereas other times it seems to creep up on us under the guise of affecting a stealth attack. Sometimes we are ready – prepared for just about any outcome, and other times we seem to run for the nearest corner hoping that whatever is coming our way will miraculously pass us by. Sometimes we are spared a direct blow, and other times we are pummeled by the gale force winds of relentless circumstance. Sometimes we easily conquer the situation at hand, whereas other times we find ourselves hanging on for dear life.

And though the details of each circumstance may be different, there are at least two truths that exist in every situation that we face: we are still who we are – individuals who have survived numerous bouts with the unexpected, the life-changing, the overwhelming, and the stress-inducing moments of life – and there is a way. In fact, there is always a way – a way out of, a way through, a way beyond every circumstance. There is always a way.

Unfortunately, because of the challenges and disappointments that occasionally permeate life we temporarily forget this truth. We become so focused on our circumstances that we fail to see the open door that waits for us a few mere feet ahead. We allow the magnitude of our days, hours, minutes, and seconds to distract us from the hope that is innately hours, a hope that is ever-present. We allow ourselves to lose sight of that which has carried us through every troubling situation, and will most certainly carry us through future circumstances that may surface, whether expected or not.

And what is this hope, this way to which I am referring? For me, it is my faith, a constant reminder to me that I am not in this life by myself, that I am not alone and without recourse. And it is a constant reminder to me that no matter what comes my way, regardless of whether I brought it on myself through action or inaction, or it made an appearance through no fault of my own, there is always a way. And when there is a way, a true and viable way, there can be no valid excuse for giving up. #lovebythedrop

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