What’s Good for the Goose…


Throughout my life, thus far at least, I have both received advice as well as given it. And I have found that it is often easier to give advice than it is to receive it. After all, giving advice usually does not require much, if any, substantial introspection nor the need to ensure that one’s heart and mind are open and receptive on the part of the giver. Yet, the opposite is true for the receiver; and if those necessary elements are not present, then the advice is likely to fall by the wayside.

Personally, for me, the adage that it is easier to give advice than it is to receive it has held true, though, for the most part, I tend to receive advice fairly well. I will admit, however, that on occasion it may take a while for me to heed the advice received. Hey, I am just being honest. Yet, there is something in particular that I have noticed, and that is the fact that, at times, it is hardest for me to heed my own advice. For some reason, despite the fact that the advice that I give appears to be sound and well-considered, when it comes to applying the advice that I have extended to others to myself, it is as though my sensibilities conveniently decide to go on a temporary hiatus. Why exactly this is the case I am not certain, but at least I am aware of it. And knowing is half of the battle, right?

So, as I continue to work on this particular issue, I encourage all of us to remember that the sound advice that we give others may often be just as appropriate for us as well. And the key to allowing that sound advice to bless us as well hinges on our ability to get out of our own way and remain receptive and open minded. I have faith that we can succeed at this if we determine within ourselves to do so. After all, if we trust ourselves enough to advise others, we should trust ourselves enough to advise ourselves. #lovebythedrop

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