Today’s Gem of Gratitude #159


Today I am thankful for educational and instructional television programs. Hands down some of my favorite educational and instructional television programs are those that deal with cooking and food related subject matter.

I have always believed that there is an amazing chef and baker living inside of me and that the more that I expose myself to the work of great chefs and talented cooks and bakers the more that inner chef of mine will come to the surface.

I love to cook and bake. I also enjoy creating new things. And when I combine those two aspects I often end up with great meals and baked items that were birthed out of a shear act of experimentation. Watching cooking and baking shows nurtures my love of cooking and baking, as well as my desire to create new things. I often take note of the use of different techniques and ingredients and then apply what I have learned to my own creative ideas in my kitchen.

This engaging connection that I have with these particular types of shows makes it possible for me to express myself and the love that I carry inside of me in ways that demonstrate the uniqueness of my personal creativity. And as I cook and bake I make it a point to leave a little bit of myself on each and every plate. Buon appetito! #lovebythedrop

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