Today’s Gem of Gratitude #158


Today I am thankful for planes. Though I am not a fan of flying on planes, I do appreciate the fact that planes can drastically reduce the time needed for travel. And though I thoroughly enjoy taking road trips (which you can read more about here), there are times when I absolutely want and need to arrive at my destination sooner rather than later, especially when there are many miles between me and my destination, or I have a rather short time span within which to arrive at my destination.

In times such as those, the ability to jump on a plane and reduce my travel time by on average anywhere from 50 to 90% is a clear benefit that, in my opinion, outweighs my concerns about flying. Besides, with the advent of electronic music players (read more here), tablets, and notebooks (read more here), I have more than enough products at my disposal to keep me entertained long enough to survive a flight. After all, with many flights in this day and age requiring as little as 1-3 hours, I typically arrive at my destination before I can even get used to being in the air. And that definitely works for me. #lovebythedrop

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