Today’s Gem of Gratitude #219


Today I am thankful for eyeglasses. Growing up I was not a fan of wearing eyeglasses (which you can read more about here). They were clunky, pretty traditional, and not all that stylish. So I was extremely happy when I was finally able to put 24/7-eyeglass-wearing behind me as I jumped head first into the world of wearing contact lenses. And though I have thoroughly embraced wearing contact lenses and do not plan to turn back, I do occasionally wear my eyeglasses.

Thankfully, eyeglasses now come in a plethora of different styles and even designer frames come in versions that can be fairly affordable to most. Wearing eyeglasses is no longer viewed as being uncool, but rather is now considered to be trendy and sophisticated. And gone are the days when most frames for eyeglasses looked like those 3-D glasses that they hand out at movie theaters or resembled bent wire hangers, not that there is anything wrong with those styles. Being able to choose from such a wide variety of styles of eyeglass frames is beneficial because that ensures that just about everyone can find a pair that is an extension of their own personal style.

So even though I really do not wear my eyeglasses much nowadays, it is nice to know that when I do wear them they demonstrate to the world a little bit of my personal style. What’s not to like about that? #lovebythedrop

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