Today’s Gem of Gratitude #218


Today I am thankful for ankle socks. I have never been a person who made it a habit of walking around with shoes on while I am at home, at least not while I am inside. Growing up, I did wear slippers, but that never really became my thing. For the longest time I would walk around barefoot, and since the floors were usually clean and free of any type of debris that might hurt my feet, I usually did not encounter any problems.

However, after a while I thought about how rough walking barefoot was on my feet, and that, coupled with the fact that I do not like walking barefoot on floors that are not my own, led me to start wearing flip-flops when walking on floors that were not my own, as well as on my own tiled or vinyl floors. And then one day my father gave me a pair of ankle socks while he was visiting me. I put them on and have not looked back since.

I love the fact that ankle socks provide my feet with protection from the floor and anything that might be on it while still allowing me to feel as though I am practically walking around barefoot. And they also provide me with the perfect amount of heat when it’s cold. I must say that I am kind of hooked on them, a state that is further fueled by the fact that ankle socks come in so many different styles and colors. Ankle socks have truly become essential to my daily life despite the fact that they are very simple items. Yet, sometimes simple accessories can be the best ones. Here’s to happy feet! #lovebythedrop

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