Today’s Gem of Gratitude #282


Today I am thankful for the occasional reason to get dressed up. Tonight I am going to a gala that is typically viewed as a reason to dress up in formalwear and have a good time. Though dressing in business attire is a requirement for my career field, one to which I acquiesce because I have to, I personally prefer wearing casual to business-casual attire that still allows me to look nice and dress in a manner that is sophisticated, classy, and chic. However, there are times when I do find the idea of dressing up in formalwear to be very appealing, and tonight happens to be one of those times.

As a woman, there is something very special about dressing up in a nice beautiful flowing ballgown, having an elegant meal, and enjoying upscale entertainment. And though, as I have mentioned before, I generally do not make it a habit of dancing in public, it is nice to have a great setting that offers me the opportunity to do so should I happen to decide to cut a rug.

All in all, it’s just really nice to be able to treat yourself to a special evening of out-of-the-ordinary pampering and elite treatment and just let your hair down and have a good time. And that is exactly what I plan to do tonight. #lovebythedrop

2 Replies to “Today’s Gem of Gratitude #282”

  1. Have fun!! Formal events really are special, and getting ready is sometimes even the best part 🙂

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