Today’s Gem of Gratitude #286

stabilized whipped cream on black close 500px

Today I am thankful for whipped cream. It probably seems like something rather simple, and in all actuality it is. But it is one of those things that is simple, easy, and often overlooked, yet it can make random snacks special, special snacks comforting, and healthy treats just a little more decadent. We all need simple things that add a little something exceptional to our lives, even if it is but for a small moment and in a small way. For many people that something special may be having extra butter on their popcorn at the movies, and for others it may be drowning their hamburger in a spicy, yet creamy chipotle aioli sauce. No matter what it is, what really matters is that it adds some happiness to your day. And that is precisely what whipped cream does for me.

You may be wondering, “How in the world does whipped cream have that effect on you?” And if I were not already familiar with the wonders of whipped cream, I might be a little skeptical too. Why not put this to the test though? I encourage you to sit down with a favorite snack of yours that you think might be tastefully enhanced by adding a little whipped cream to it and then begin to eat that snack. And while eating your snack touched by a kiss of whipped cream, try to frown. See, it’s not so easy after all. Whipped cream seems to possess a natural aversion to frowns, and it does not seem to be interested in changing that any time soon. Happy snacking! #lovebythedrop

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