Today’s Gem of Gratitude #312


Today I am thankful for ice. I went with a friend of mine to a restaurant that was new to both of us one evening last week. That restaurant, known for its Jamaican cuisine, was conveniently located and, for the most part, the food that it offered was decent. Yet, the one thing that has stayed on my mind regarding that restaurant is the fact that my friend and I had to specifically ask the server for ice for our water (as it was served to us at room temperature sans ice), something that, based on the response of the server, was either out of the norm for this restaurant or was a significant ordeal. Now, the server was not rude or disrespectful in the way that he handled the situation, yet the way that he handled what, to us, seemed to be a rather simple request, was in one word: strange. Needless to say, we did eventually receive some ice cubes (which were specifically brought to us in separate glasses from the ones that we were drinking from for a reason unbeknownst to us), which we added to our water and then preceded to enjoy our evening.

Now, I am aware that many people extol the benefits of drinking water that is at room temperature rather than ice cold or hot. Personally, though, I happen to be a woman who prefers to have ice in my beverages, especially those beverages that are traditionally consumed cold or cool as opposed to hot. And, to me, water falls squarely in that category. Sure, my preference for ice cold water is more than likely simply that, a preference, rather than an actual condition that affects the taste of the water or any other aspect of it that might cause it to appeal to me any more or less, and I accept that. It just so happens that ice cold works for me when it concerns most beverages and oftentimes the easiest and most efficient way to achieve that state is by making use of ice. And as the infamous “they” have a tendency to say, horrendous grammar and all, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” #lovebythedrop

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