Today’s Gem of Gratitude #320


Today I am thankful for key lime pie. As a young girl I grew up in an area where key lime pie was both well known and well loved. Mind you, this was not just any old kind of key lime pie; it was the real thing. And everywhere you went you knew that if key lime pie was featured on the menu, it was certainly going to be a treat. However, it was not a type of pie that caught my interest when I was growing up. I was and continue to be a sweet potato pie kind of person. My appreciation for key lime pie did not develop until I went to a Cuban restaurant with a family member of mine and some of her friends a couple of years ago and decided to be a little adventurous. As I awaited the arrival of my slice of key lime pie after a delectable meal of empanadas, black beans and yellow rice, I wondered what it was going to taste like – was it going to be sweet, tart, both, or something else entirely? Needless to say, it was all of those and then some. And though I am still a devoted sweet potato pie woman, I have since joined the key lime pie bandwagon and have no plans to turn back now. #lovebythedrop

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