Today’s Gem of Gratitude #321


Today I am thankful for great books. I have always been a lover of reading, writing, and all things book-related. In fact, I discovered at an early age that there was so much to learn, imagine, and discover within the pages of a great book, that having access to great books became entirely indispensable. Be it a small book or a large book, a classic story or a contemporary novel, fiction or non-fiction, there was always something worthwhile that I could glean from just about any great book. And the icing on the cake was the fact that books in their nature were portable; so, no matter where I went I could take a great book with me – if I decided to take a bubble bath, a book would help me to relax. If I needed to pass the time on a flight or a lengthy road trip, a book would temporarily transport me to a distant world via my imagination. And if I simply desired to de-stress, a book would quickly relieve much of the tension that had found its way into my space throughout the day.

In addition, through my continuous appreciation of great books I have learned so much about myself over the years – everything from why I think the way that I think to why I choose the relationships that I choose with the people with whom I choose them. And though I will not even try to claim that the books that I have read have always contained content that could be directly applied to my life or expressly related to my life in some way, many of them have either revealed to me certain truths about me, such as realizing that I needed to change my perspective of something or someone, or helping me to empathize with someone else’s situation, including that of the people who are nearest and dearest to me, among other things.

In essence, books have oftentimes been the perfect companion for me while enjoying the silence and peace that has been a necessity in my life, and they continue to serve me in that uniquely wonderful capacity. #lovebythedrop

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