Today’s Gem of Gratitude #358


Today I am thankful for fried chicken. Fried chicken is just one of those comfort food items that occasionally I crave. I cannot say that there is any particular place that I like to frequent for great fried chicken. I guess that it just depends on my mood and what is available to me at the time – if I feel like frying chicken myself, then I will enjoy that; if someone else that I know decides to treat me to some homemade fried chicken, then I will partake of that; or if I am in the vicinity of a restaurant that sells pretty decent fried chicken, then I just might make a pit stop for that. And though the desire to eat fried chicken does not surface that often, it does rear its head enough to cause me to take the occasional fried chicken detour, about which I certainly do not complain. #lovebythedrop

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