Today’s Gem of Gratitude #27


Today I am thankful for stilettos. Hear me out now. Yes, stilettos are shoes. And, yes, they can be hard to walk in, uncomfortable to wear, and are oftentimes viewed by others as evidence of the wearer’s supposed adventurous and extrinsic lifestyle. However, stilettos are simply fun and stylish. And some days a lady just wants a little something extra to spice up her ensemble and to put a little extra pep in her step. Stilettos are eye-catching, conversation-starting little treasures of mobile fashion that simply cannot be denied.

Now, I am not implying that stilettos have super powers, or that the choice to wear stilettos places the wearers of such wonderful little contraptions in a place of superiority over their non-stiletto-wearing counterparts. I am merely saying that a few stiletto-wearing days peppered here and there throughout the month are more than enough to bring out the inner lioness that all women have and add some extra staying power to the gorgeous smiles that function as one of our most beautiful and genuine accessories. And let’s face it, a woman who can wear stilettos can do anything. #lovebythedrop

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