Today’s Gem of Gratitude #49


Today I am thankful for nail polish. I know, it might seem a little random, but the idea that I am trying to convey here is that in a world that requires one to consistently conform to certain ideals, expectations, appearances, etc, it is important to find ways to express one’s individuality. And one of the ways in which I do that is by wearing nail polish.

I am associated with a profession that does not hold itself open to overt expressions of individuality. However, I have come to learn of the importance of not losing yourself or sacrificing your personhood to the requirements and desires of others – in other words, it is not worth it to gain the world if you are going to lose yourself in the process.

There are many other things that I do on a daily basis to express who I am as a person, both subtly and overtly. Those things range from styling my hair a certain way to wearing certain shoes and other accessories. Some days I exhibit more of a flair than others, but I try to make it a point to do a little something that demonstrates my individuality on a daily basis. And one of the cool things about that is that I tend to receive many compliments from people regarding the little special touches that I add. And it is ironic that sometimes the very thing that I simply throw on without giving it much thought turns out to be one of the items that draws the most attention and appreciation from people.

So, I guess what I am hoping that you take away from this entry is the idea that the little things that we do to express our individuality can have a hugely positive effect on us and on others. So, the next time that you are preparing to go out somewhere, I encourage you to add a little something extra to your ensemble that represents you. You might just be surprised at the amount of positive feedback that you receive. And when you find yourself grinning from ear to ear I want to hear all about it. #lovebythedrop

2 Replies to “Today’s Gem of Gratitude #49”

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