Today’s Gem of Gratitude #53


Today I am thankful for the ability to laugh. My mother has always said, “If I ever stop laughing and smiling then you should be concerned.” And I do not think that I truly realized what she meant by that until I became an adult and experienced some significantly challenging moments and needed to figure out what approach to take in order to survive those situations. I have oftentimes found myself remembering my mother’s words and realizing that sometimes you just have to laugh your way through a situation, all the while reminding yourself that whatever you are dealing with is temporary and eventually you will make it through it.

In an effort to remind myself of the importance of laughing and not allowing myself to take situations so seriously I make it a point to watch comedic television shows, films and other performances. And it is interesting how taking the time to expose myself to lighthearted scenarios and laughter inducing situations has done wonders for improving my mood when I have had a tough time emotionally. Sometimes all it takes to change your perspective regarding a heavy situation is a few moments of laughter – those few moments of laughter can trigger something in your mind that causes you to relax and realize that whatever you are dealing with is likely not the end of the world, and that you will survive.

I have also noticed that taking time to make others laugh and smile when they are dealing with heavy-duty situations also helps me to keep things in perspective. Now, it is possible that this is something that is merely a part of my nature as a fairly happy, laid back, and relaxed person, but I venture to think that this may be the case for people with all types of personalities. Laughter just simply has a way of making things seem better, easier, and more manageable, because it reminds us to not take everything so seriously and to not think of a situation as being bigger than it really is. Laughter is our reminder that there is always something good in life, no matter the situation, no matter the circumstance. #lovebythedrop

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