Today’s Gem of Gratitude #97


Today I am thankful for watches. I have always liked watches, but prior to a few years ago I simply considered them to be a minor accessory rather than a prominent one. What exactly has changed my view on that? I am not really certain as to what the answer to that question is, however, I can say that I did experience a noticeable shift in my view and approach to watches a few years ago. And now I am so accustomed to wearing a watch that it is as though I feel strange when I leave home without one on my arm.

As previously mentioned, I am associated with a profession that does not exactly provide for much personal expression of style when it concerns a person’s appearance and manner of dress. This fact is something that I have had to make my peace with in an effort to maintain the required level of professionalism according to the standards of the profession and to maintain my own sense of enjoyment through the expression of my personal style. Thankfully wearing watches is an acceptable compromise in that watches come in so many varied styles from very flamboyant to extremely traditional and classic, they are usually large enough to provide a noticeable representation of my style without drawing too much attention, and since watches are accessories that are merely used to accent an outfit they are generally viewed as less of a threat to age old traditions that members of certain professions fiercely hold on to.

In a nutshell, wearing watches is one of my ways of reminding myself to stay true to who I am no matter the situation, circumstances, or environment. It is always important to be myself. And, unfortunately, it is often too easy to let ourselves go and to lose sight of who we are in this day and age where we are taught to assimilate into certain environments and to adopt the mannerisms and practices that permeate that environment while setting ourselves, who we are, and what we represent to the side. My watches remind me, as corny as it might seem, to hold on to who I am at all times and to not feel the need to hide who I am for the sake of anyone or anything. They remind me to always take time for myself and to take my true and genuine self with me wherever I go. What do watches do for you? #lovebythedrop

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