Today’s Gem of Gratitude #249


Today I am thankful for plush bed linen. I have always had nice bed linen, as a child and even as a young adult. Yet, it was not until I, as an adult living completely on my own, went into a department store one day with the intent to find and purchase an entire set of plush bed linen as a special gift for myself. I looked at and sampled an assortment of collections that day, and after about an hour and a half I walked out of that store with my very first collection of plush bed linen. The color pattern in the duvet and accompanying pieces was based in a series of metallic to dark grays while the sheets were a crisp pale cream, and I was so excited to bring home my first plush linen set that it took little to no time to dress my bed.

Once I finished dressing my bed I realized that changing one simple thing, such as switching out one’s bed linen and accessories, can give a room a completely different look and feel, which made me wonder why I had waited so long to make that simple change. That night I really did sleep like a queen, as I experienced a level of comfort that I had never experienced before. Of course, I had previously heard many people refer to 900-thread count sheets, Egyptian this, and down that, but I truly had no idea what the significance of any of those designations was until I came to know it for myself.

Now, I certainly understand that not everyone is interested in or is in a position to spend a significant amount of money on bed linen and accessories. However, if it is something that you think that you might be interested in doing and able to do, I suggest that you give it a try. Having at least one plush set of bed linen really can do wonders, and having one set is more than enough. And one of the great things about plush bed linen and accessories is that you can create whatever compilation that you want, whether you like lots of pillows or very few pillows, bright colors or dark colors, it’s completely up to you. One thing that is for sure though, no matter what color pattern and design you choose the level of comfort that you will experience from your plush bed linen collection will be more than worth the expense. #lovebythedrop

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