Today’s Gem of Gratitude #250


Today I am thankful for charisma. The dictionary defines “charisma” as “compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.” And I would say that that is very accurate based on my experiences with charismatic people. If any of you have ever encountered people who are naturally blessed with noticeable charisma, my guess is that you can relate to what I am saying here. Most of us have likely encountered at least one person who knows exactly what to say, how to say it, and when to say it, and they do so in a way that establishes such an endearing connection with you that you find it hard to even allow yourself to become upset with them when they do something wrong or they behave in a manner that is inconsiderate.

As is the case with many qualities that human beings possess, having charisma and making use of it can be great thing or a not so great thing depending on the person’s motives and approach. I have encountered people who have used their charisma in ways that are positive, as well as those who have used their charisma in ways that are negative, and I found myself affected in some way by each of those encounters, as I am sure that others have as well.

And as is also the case with other qualities that human beings possess, with charisma comes a certain level of responsibility, as its use can be just as helpful or harmful as any other quality. It all boils down to the manner in which we make use of it, especially as it concerns those with a charismatic nature that is more evident, because, let’s face it, the more charismatic that a person is the greater of a chance that people will flock to him or her and allow themselves to become very vulnerable. And, of course, I do not say this in an attempt to imply that people who are charismatic are somehow responsible for everything that happens to everyone whom they encounter, but what I am saying is that a somewhat greater responsibility as it concerns being aware of the potent nature of charisma and the potential affect that it can have on others is there.

When you think about it, though, we all have a little bit of charisma inside of us at any given time and that charisma is part of what draws people to us. Now, I know that not everyone is an extrovert, or is someone who is noticeably charming or outgoing, but even the most reserved of introverts still experience the phenomenon of people being drawn to them. As human beings it is an inherent part of our makeup, some just have a greater ability to tap into that connection than others, but it is still there nonetheless. And it is charisma’s wonderful ability to allow us as human beings to connect with each other on a personal level that garners my appreciation. #lovebythedrop

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