Today’s Gem of Gratitude #251


Today I am thankful for optimism. As I was growing up my mother often told me that everyone has their own set of talents, abilities, and characteristics that they have been given, which makes them special and unique – some people are really artistic, others have exceptional analytical skills, just as others are blessed with a very hospitable nature. And each of those talents, abilities, and characteristics are integral and serve to add a sense of richness and depth to this world. And to think, each person actually possesses many more talents, abilities, and characteristics than most of us even realize. After all, we all are pretty wonderful.

In line with that thought, throughout this whole soul-searching and self-evaluation journey that I have been on since I embarked on these 365 Days of Thanks, I have come to realize many things about myself. One such thing is that, for as long as I can remember, I have been a person who has exhibited and held onto optimism. Even as an adolescent and teenager I noticed that I had a positive outlook on things and that I naturally gravitated to the world of positive thinking.

Early on I had no idea what a blessing that was (and still is), but as I have matured into adulthood I have come to realize that my inherent connection to optimism is one of my greatest assets. And when I think back on all of the potential challenges that I did not even have to encounter because of my optimistic outlook, I am both appreciative and thankful. And my hope is that, as I make my way through this world, facing challenges and encountering opportunities, I lead with my heart and the optimistic nature with which I have been blessed, and ultimately affect this world and the individuals whom I encounter in a way that is both positive and lasting. #lovebythedrop

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