Today’s Gem of Gratitude #262


Today I am thankful for wakeup calls. Being driven can be a beautiful thing, but even driven people can find themselves caught up in situations that are not good for them, be it taking on too many responsibilities at work, consistently blowing their budget by overspending, or forming part of a relationship that is unhealthy and potentially injurious. And sometimes we can be so caught up in these situations and the emotions that are associated with them that it takes the effort of an external force to finally wake us up out of our fog.

On occasion, though, it takes more than one external force to effectively open our eyes. Recently, I experienced this while dealing with a relationship situation that was unhealthy and counterintuitive. And because I was so caught up in that situation it took a series of people and occurrences to finally cause me to truly realize what was going on, acknowledge the reality of the situation, accept the truth, and then take the necessary steps to move on.

Now, I could choose to view the fact that it took multiple forces to help me to see the light, so to speak, in a negative way, but that is not how I choose to live my life. Whether it takes one external force or multiple external forces to facilitate a necessary wakeup call, the important thing is that the wakeup call occurs. Because, after all, what matters is that we all receive the help that we need, in the manner in which it is needed, and according to the timing that our particular situation requires. #lovebythedrop

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