Today’s Gem of Gratitude #29


Today I am thankful for wisdom. As someone who has only been alive for a relatively short time I do not purport to be the wisest person; however, I have been alive long enough to experience some of the typical challenges of life, and it is from those experiences, as well as via advice received from others, that I have obtained a substantial amount of wisdom which helps me to make it through this adventure that we call life.

I remember that, as a teenager, I thought that I had a pretty realistic view of life and people in general. I knew who my loved ones were, I was fairly familiar with the geographical area in which I lived, and I thought that I had a pretty good grasp of who I was as a person and what I wanted to do with my life. As the years have passed by, I have come to realize that I knew so much less than I thought that I did during those formative years. And looking back on things now, I cannot help but smile when thinking of how invincible and knowledgeable I thought that I was at such a tender age.

Thankfully, I have since been knocked down a few notches by life and provided with a more realistic and well-rounded view of life and its various components. The knowledge and wisdom that I have gained through the mistakes that I have made, the heartbreaks that I have experienced, the disappointments that I have weathered, the losses that I have survived, the successes that I have come to know, and the many life changing and life-nuturing events that bridge the gaps in between are priceless.

Like many people, I wish that I knew when I was younger what I know now. Having the wisdom and knowledge that I know now when I was younger would have likely saved me from experiencing quite a few of the self-induced challenging times that I experienced as a younger person. However, at the same time I must acknowledge the fact that had it not been for all of those challenging moments, even those that were brought on by my poor decisions, I would not be the woman who I am today.

Wisdom, generally not easily obtained, is potentially one of the most valuable possessions that a person can ever have. And for those of us who may experience days when we find ourselves focusing on the things that we wish that we had accomplished already, that we should have accomplished already, as well as the failures that we have experienced according to our own perspectives, taking time to consider the nuggets of wisdom that we have acquired through our years on this planet will remind us of how successful we actually are, in that not only have we experienced some of life’s challenges and survived them, but we have been mature enough to evaluate those experiences and discover the lessons that those events were meant to teach us.

Essentially, wisdom is the litmus test of how consciously you have lived your life up to this point. Some of us may be able to consider the nuggets of wisdom that we have and truly say that we have lived this life so far with our eyes, heart, mind, and soul fully open to and consciously aware of the many happenings of life. And others may find themselves in the opposite position, that of one who has been existing through this life with a closed-in countenance. The good thing about each new moment, however, is that it brings with it the opportunity to make a 180-degree turn and adjust the things about our lives with which we are not satisfied. Remember, it’s never too late until it’s too late. #lovebythedrop

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