Today’s Gem of Gratitude #61


Today I am thankful for the ability to recall memories. Whether it’s the recollection of positive memories or negative memories, the ability to recall memories is a blessing. Sometimes the memories that you recall can remind you of why you left certain things in your past. Or they can remind you of the reason why certain things from your past have been retained in your present. They can provide you with that extra bit of motivation that you need to hang in there and make it through whatever you are dealing with at the moment. Or they can motivate you to make the changes to your life that are necessary for you to experience the outcomes that you desire. It all depends on your perspective and your approach.

Just the other day I found myself thinking about someone whom I care about quite a bit. It has been a little while since that person and I spoke and I really miss that person. For whatever reason at this time in our lives we seem to be very busy and caught up in the challenging situations that we are currently facing. However, the memories that I have of the good times that we have shared with each other coupled with the fact that I care about this person led me to reach out to that person. And I was reminded of the fact that everyone needs to have someone in their life who cares. And sometimes people either do not realize that they need interaction with people who genuinely care about them or they may be too proud to let people know that they need them. Whatever the reason may be, sometimes those of us who care about people need to reach out to those whom we love and be there for them when they need us the most.

Not all memories need to be given the same amount of weight and consideration when you recall them, but there are some that come back to your mind because you need to be reminded of what is important. What are your memories pointing out to you? #lovebythedrop

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