Today’s Gem of Gratitude #176


Today I am thankful for hummus, and not just any hummus, but the hummus that is served with a grilled pita, tomato and feta cheese crumbles at the Olive & Ivy Restaurant. I must admit that the thought of eating hummus did not appeal to me prior to my first visit to that restaurant. Every time that I had previously seen hummus it just looked like a bowl of light colored quicksand. It did not look as though it had any flavor, and when I found out that hummus is made of crushed chickpeas, lemon juice, olive oil, water and a few other simple ingredients, other than when it concerned the olive oil, I was not impressed.

So, when I decided to try the hummus at Olive & Ivy I was still very skeptical about how it would taste. I took a couple of spoonfuls of it and a few pieces of pita bread and hesitantly put them on my plate at the gentle behest of my companions. I looked at the two mounds of quicksand on my plate and then at the pieces of pita bread, back at the mounds of quicksand and then right back at the pita bread, and then I looked up at my companions whose faces were lined with grins. They encouraged me to “just go ahead and try it,” and to “keep an open mind about it.”

Needless to say, I went ahead and tried it and I absolutely loved it. The texture of it was mostly smooth, but there was still a depth to it that made the dish work. It also had red onion in it, which is certainly a favorite, and the fact that it was served with pita bread did not hurt either. Since then I have tried hummus at other places and did not enjoy any of those experiences. However, the Olive & Ivy hummus experience was so good that it completely won me over. #lovebythedrop

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