Today’s Gem of Gratitude #177


Today I am thankful for orchids. Orchids are some of the most beautiful and unique flowers on the planet. They are soft yet fairly resilient, attractive yet unpretentious, endearing and inviting. In many ways, they remind me of me, and no I do not say that in an attempt to toot my own horn or to boast of my abilities.

When I think about it, there is a lot that we human beings can learn from orchids. Orchids do not seem to feel the need to tear other orchids down in order to feel good about themselves and to exhibit their own beauty. They are fine with being around other orchids, but are perfectly able to thrive on their own. They adapt reasonably well to a great number of environments, and they absolutely love being treated well. That sounds a lot like us, right? #lovebythedrop

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