Today’s Gem of Gratitude #275


Today I am thankful for a little mystery, especially when it concerns people. Now, let me clarify this by stating that my appreciation of a little mystery when it concerns people is not the same thing as appreciating situations where people are sneaky, are constantly shrouded in secrecy, and intentionally keep people from truly getting to know them because of negative motives. That type of behavior and personality is not one that I appreciate nor have any desire to be associated with. With that said, though, a little bit of mystery goes a long way.

For example, when I meet someone new I enjoy the two of us asking each other typical questions – What do you do for a living? What brought you here today? What do you like to do to relax? Those are all pretty typical questions. And in answering those questions I will share a little bit of information about myself and the other person will do the same. However, when I meet someone new and after a five-minute conversation with them I already know about how many relationships that they have had that have gone sour, how many times that they have had intimate relations with their neighbor whom they appear to be stalking, and the fact that they have three court appearances lined up for the next month it can be a little jarring.

Now, certainly there are times when it is best for you to learn pertinent tidbits of information about a person quickly, such as when you are on a first date with someone and you find out that they are married, have anger and violence issues, and have multiple children (that they do no take care of nor take responsibility for) with multiple women. If facts such as those touch on subjects that happen to be issues for you, then you may have some decisions that you need to make sooner rather than later. And that type of information is essential to discover as soon as possible so that you can make the appropriate decisions that you need to make, be it to stay or to leave, before emotions jump into the mix. However, in most other situations it may not be absolutely necessary for you to find out all of a person’s business within the first few minutes of meeting each other. Some things are meant to surface over time as a part of the process of getting to know each other. So, holding onto a little bit of mystery is definitely a good thing. After all, a little bit of mystery keeps things new. #lovebythedrop

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