Today’s Gem of Gratitude #274

Excellence - iStock_000008901819Medium

Today I am thankful for excellence. I found myself sitting here today thinking about life and the many principles that have been pivotal for me throughout the years, and I found my thoughts returning again and again to the principle of excellence. Like many of us, I have had my moments when I have gravitated toward easier tasks and easier routes because of various reasons – already having a full schedule, feeling stressed and overwhelmed, or even feeling unprepared, just to name a few. What I have noticed about those moments and situations, though, was that in times when the task that I was dealing with was not as much of a challenge for me as other tasks were I would, at times, relax my focus and the amount of effort that I put into handling those tasks, which often resulted in mediocre or lackluster results.

Now you would think that the easier that a task is, the greater of a guarantee that you will handle it in a manner that demonstrates excellence. Right? However, that is not necessarily the case, because the level of difficulty associated with a task does not determine whether or not we have to invest any effort and work; either way, effort and work are required. This is where excellence comes into play. In order to experience excellence in everything that we do, say, and think, we must approach everything with 100% commitment, determination, focus, effort, and the proper perspective. And when we commit ourselves to that, excellence will have no choice but to show up regardless of whether the task is large or small.

Keep in mind, though, that excellence is not to be confused with perfection. Perfection is a state, which unfortunately is impossible for human beings to attain; however, excellence is a manner in which one does something, and it is a quality that can be experienced and exhibited. So, as we forge our way through everything that comes our way while on this journey that we call life, how about we leave perfection (better yet, the quest for perfection) in the dust while allowing excellence to steadily motivate us from the passenger’s seat? Now, that would be something! #lovebythedrop

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