Today’s Gem of Gratitude #290


Today I am thankful for vegetables. Though I have a natural tendency to crave bread, rice, pasta, cereal, cheese, and the like, there is still a special place in my diet for vegetables. My favorites tend to be collard greens, corn, and broccoli. However, I also enjoy eating most types of beans, peas, carrots, squash, and asparagus. When it comes to vegetables, as is typically the case with most food items, I will try just about anything once. And though I generally prefer for my vegetables to be cooked, I will partake of certain veggies in their raw state on occasion.

There are many reasons why I appreciate vegetables and the position that they occupy in my diet – they taste good and complement most other food items, not to mention the fact that they add lots of color, texture, and depth to any plate.

Vegetables, unfortunately, do not typically receive nearly as much focus and attention as do non-veggie items, despite the fact that they are in many ways healthier for us and more essential. And like many of us, I have my moments when I do not consume as many vegetables as I should. Thankfully, though, most vegetables are reasonably priced at grocery stores or can be grown at home with a fair amount of ease, and there are numerous recipes out there that provide seemingly endless variations of vegetable-based meal ideas. And who knows, as I work on incorporating more vegetables into my diet, I just might share with you a few of the recipes that I enjoy the most. #lovebythedrop

4 Replies to “Today’s Gem of Gratitude #290”

  1. this is a post I CAN REALLY get behind 😀 – been more of a veggie lover lately – fish is the only animal product I eat anymore

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