Today’s Gem of Gratitude #33


Today I am thankful for rain showers. And now that I live in a place where it does not rain that often, I have come to appreciate rain showers even more. Now, when I say that I like rain showers I am referring to just that, rain showers, not thunderstorms, hurricanes, microbursts or any other weather phenomena that may be even remotely similar. What is it that I like about rain showers exactly? I like the soothing nature of the rain, the way that it gently massages you when you run through it. I appreciate the way that it cleanses the earth and washes the dirt away from places that it should not be. I like the way that rain showers tend to bring with them cooler air. And I love the way that the sound of the rain is peaceful enough to lull me to sleep.

When it rains and I have no plans to leave home, I enjoy curling up in my bed with a great book, some hot tea or hot chocolate and spending the day relaxing and reading about worlds that are different than mine. I also like to devote some of that time to writing for personal reasons, as opposed to writing for professional reasons. Sometimes I even enjoy looking out of the windows and watching the people who are walking or sprinting by, as I imagine who they are, what their lives are like, and where they might be going – like the lady in the large candy apple red floppy sun hat and gray Loubies, the young couple huddling together under an outstretched section of the newspaper, and the young college coed chasing a dalmatian that is taking full advantage of this opportunity to run full speed, leash flying in the wind behind it. Days like that are priceless treasures that I try to take full advantage of when I can.

No matter what the rain showers bring with them there is always a story to be discovered and experienced. The next time that it rains where you are you might want to keep an eye out for a story of your own. You just may find that you are pleasantly surprised at the vast world that unfolds right before your eyes. #lovebythedrop

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