Today’s Gem of Gratitude #277


Today I am thankful for jewelry. As a woman who thoroughly appreciates accessories, jewelry is something about which there is no question that I enjoy. I have already shared with you all my appreciation for watches (which you can read more about here), but my appreciation of jewelry does not stop there. I enjoy wearing necklaces, bracelets, rings, and whatever fusion of those that I can create.

If it’s silver or platinum, then more than likely it will be right up my alley. Gold definitely has its pluses, as well as a certain charm, but unfortunately it does absolutely nothing for me. I am not the flashy type; rather I prefer good quality with a beautiful and straightforward presentation. However, if I come across a piece of jewelry that is unique and a little more ornate than what I usually prefer, but somehow has my name written all over if (figuratively speaking, of course), then I just might rock that too. And if a few diamonds should just so happen to find their way into the mix, then that is fine too. I do not know about that whole “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” idea, but this woman and diamonds certainly do get along well.

All in all, it’s about what speaks to me. And if I encounter a piece of jewelry with which I experience an instant connection, then I am more than likely going to give it a new home. But if I do not experience that instant connection, then I usually take that as a sign that I need to keep it moving until I discover the next piece that is absolutely perfect for me. After all, being selective is a very good thing. #lovebythedrop

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