Today’s Gem of Gratitude #306


Today I am thankful for strong finishes. There is nothing quite as satisfying as finally finishing a task, project, or endeavor, especially when that finish has been a long time in the making. Perhaps, though, the true icing on the cake is finishing strong. It can be all too easy to lose steam when approaching the tail end of a project that you have been working on for a lengthy period of time, especially as your thoughts turn more and more toward the sense of relief that you know that you are going to experience once you are finally able to put that task to bed.

Yet, that is the time when it is possibly the most essential that we as human beings press into the task and become even more focused and determined, so that when we do finally finish that particular endeavor we do so in a way that demonstrates that we finished that task on purpose instead of merely allowing our finish to give the appearance of an uneventful byproduct of the investment of our time and effort. After all, if we are not committed to finishing strong, we might as well just throw in the towel and go home. #lovebythedrop

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