Today’s Gem of Gratitude #37


Today I am thankful to be human. Granted, if I were something other than human, a dog for instance, I would likely have no idea what it entails to be a human, and thus would probably not feel as though I were missing out on anything. But, thankfully, I am a human being and I appreciate all of the things that make me human.

I especially appreciate the fact that I am capable of expressing my feelings, concerns, opinions, hopes, and dreams verbally, in writing, through gestures, facial expressions, and via actions. I appreciate the fact that when I am craving Puerto Rican food I can make it myself, go to a friend’s house, or go to one of the few great restaurants out there that prepare and sell authentic Puerto Rican cuisine. And when I need something new to wear I can get into my car, drive to various stores or boutiques, try on a variety of clothing options, pick what suits me, and then compliment it with the right accessories. In addition, I enjoy the fact that I can travel, go to a movie theater, attend concerts, obtain an education, express myself creatively, cook scrumptious meals, read books, and work to protect my civil rights and those of others.

In short, being human is wonderful, and it is something that I think that most people take for granted. Maybe if people were more cognizant of how blessed they are to be human beings they might take better care of animals and other non-human creatures that are not in a position to protect themselves entirely from the dangers caused by humans. It certainly is something to think about. #lovebythedrop

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